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I am sorry to announce, that Nuck It Harder Bro is no longer active. Cheers. -Frageth

Since its beginning in 2009, Nuck It Harder Bro has been a semiserious 10man raiding guild doing end-content (started at the time of TotC). With serious and dedicated (when needed) people, we are currently clearing through ICC. It can't be stressed enough, that we are a casual 2-days-raiding guild. But when we raid, we RAID.
At the moment we are recruiting all classes who fill the following requirements/This is what we are expecting:
  • Must know what they are doing with their class.
  • Gear with at least an average minimum item level of 232
  • Have a 75% Attendence. Thats 3/4 raids over 2 weeks
  • Put an effort into their performance.
  • Reading up on New bosses as we progress. ( -> movies)
What to expect from NIHB:
    Good, prepared raiders
  • Progress (!) in 10man - including hardmodes
  • Helpful members, always there with an advice if needed
  • A guildbank that pays for certain things (flasks, feasts)
  • Loot distributed in a fair and good way, that benefits the guild as much as the raider*
Fill an application (sign up - with the link in the top - if you don't have an account with already, or apply for the guild with the link in the menu to the left if you have an account)
*We're using our own mix of rolling and loot council, as our loot distribution system, to avoid everything called DKP (with its inflation -.-) and to maximize guild improval. A balance between everyone gets items, and the real raiders get some.
Other Guild News

Sooo I herd you liek PuGs? (continued)

hypesystem, Feb 25, 10 5:11 PM.
Just wanted to let you know, that we also did the Dreamwalker achievement, Portal Jockey (10 player)

Erud, a hunter, joined us for Dreamwalker and Putricide, btw. Think I left it our last time :)

Sooo I herd you liek PuGs?

hypesystem, Feb 25, 10 4:46 PM.
For another one of my instant-posts! We just did tonights first few bosses.

The raid tonight was a little special, as we lacked sign-ups. We pugged two guys. Usually with our luck we get the most sucky pugs ever. But not this time, oh no. We pugged Mechzz and Killeah (both @Frostwhisper if you wonder), who surprised us really positively! One-shotting all bosses of the first quarter (as usual, duhh), picking up our weekly raid quest (the one where you have to be infected by both Festergut's and Rotface's magical poisons and then go deliver).
    We started out with Festergut, and did Flu Shot Shortage (10 player) (oh yes we did!). First try. Then we went for Rotface, also oneshotting, although not doing the achievement, as we wanted to complete the quest.

With the two puggies, we went for Putricide, using their tactics. One try, wipe. Basically, it was Needle... and he never fucks up, you know! Second try, just saying ... PUTRI DOWN! OH YEAH (Nerdjoy)!

Sooo I herd you liek mondays? (Mid-Raid Continued III)

hypesystem, Feb 15, 10 7:51 PM.
Even though it danish time is tuesday, the heroic instances havent resettet yet, so it kinda still counts as monday! And guess who just downed the third boss in one day (according to the previous argumented logic)? Oh yes, we did! We just healed Valithra Dreamwalker 2nd try! Pwnsome? Oh yes, we are.

Sooo I herd you liek mondays? (Mid-Raid Continued II)

hypesystem, Feb 15, 10 7:04 PM.
Oh yea, and we one-shotted rotface earning Arkhail his achievement (he was the only one missingit)

Sooo I herd you liek mondays? (Mid-Raid Continued)

hypesystem, Feb 15, 10 6:50 PM.
Oh yea, and we one-shotted festergut earning Arkhail his achievement (he was the only one missing it)
Recruiting all classes who fill the requirements listen in the center of the page.
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